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Chain Baseball’s goal is to develop, showcase and sign each Chain player. Chain’s qualified, experienced and professional training and instruction helps each player work, prepare and play with confidence. Our mission is to use our wealth of knowledge and passion garnered through extensive playing and coaching experience to help players reach their full potential. Each Chain Academy player is provided with the professional training and instruction needed to develop their skills and knowledge of the game to prepare them for baseball at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Meet the Coaches


The founder of the Chain Baseball, William C. “Buddy” Meyer, was passionate about gentlemen having the opportunity to play baseball at an elite level.  His motto was and remains “Helping produce scholarships for gentlemen playing baseball.”  His report card was based on the number of players who received scholarships to continue their education while fulfilling a collegiate and or professional playing career in baseball.

Founded in 1985 in Savannah, Georgia, Chain Baseball was one of the original pioneers of Elite Travel Baseball and a pioneer in the College Placement of High School players.  Since Chain Baseball’s  inception, Chain Baseball has had thousands of players receive college scholarships and hundreds drafted by Major League Baseball teams.  As a result of this continued success, Chain Baseball has become a nationally ranked and recognizable organization for professional scouts and coaches from all college divisions.

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